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Bilingual Audio Training Project

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PROJECT NEED: How to deliver critical eLearning training to employees


  • Company: Large NW Coffee Company
  • Client: Human Resources Department
  • Overview:

A global coffee company had recently updated their health benefits enrollment plan and the information on their corporate intranet. It was critical that all employees re-enroll, update their personal information, and select a new plan for coverage in a timely manner to receive coverage.
The insurance medical plans were new and different. Inaddition, the enrollment processes were new from previous processes and many of the employees were Spanish-language speakers.

  • Big Questions:

(1) How does the human resources department of a global coffee company quickly deliver new training related to new health enrollment benefits?
(2) How can the information be delivered in both English & Spanish?
(3) How can the information be accessible for ease of timely use?


WWWebMaster worked together with the Human Resources department to create detailed and informational scripts for each of the nearly twenty programs and enrollment processes.
Audio was recorded by natural language speakers in both English and Spanish. It was important to the company to use real people for an important “human touch” and not use machine language translators.
The audio recordings were digitized and integrated into the corporate intranet as ancillary informational help buttons that could play on-demand or be downloaded onto devices to listened to at a later time.
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